Erode by UME Studio / White Grapefruit

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Erode by UME Studio 

White Grapefruit 

Kaolin Clay / White Grapefruit / Goji Berry 

Light, Fresh, Energizing

Luscious soap and unique shapes, form and function work together to add a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Created with an abundance of unique botanicals, antioxidants, mineral rich clays, and skin-nurturing essential oils to cleanse, hydrate and nourish all skin types. Perfect for daily use.

Each Erode Summit is poured and cast by hand. As each batch is unique for each pour, no two are the same.

As the soaps use and form are unique, the Bouton plate was designed hand in hand to serve as the Erode Summit's designated dish.


Brush wet hands or cloth over the soap's surfaces to create, lather, release the aromatic essential oils and reveal the changing slopes.

Soap Details 

5" round x 2" tall

320g e11.6oz

*certified organic

Bouton Plate

Cast in one pour, this dish is formed like a button to showcase your everyday favorites.   Hand-mixed with different minerals and natural pigments, the Bouton carries subtle textures on its surface.  As the glaze settles uniquely for each pour, no two are the same.

Bouton Plate Details

5" round
0.25 lb