The Ash Candle by Sunday Edition

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 The Ash Candle by Sunday Edition 

The evening beckons, as night falls, and stars glitter. Two glasses meet, their chime a pleasant harmony. Among the sweetness of black plumb and the tenderness of rose petals, conversation flourishes. Revel in the romance, the timeless luxury; like the pleasure of a black and white movie. Notice the warmth you feel, inspired by the richness of ambrette seeds and vetiver. Then, float into the stillness of the night, and the scent of the earth. Behind you, a memory remains, cloaked in darkness.

Scent Notes

Top: Black Plum, French Marigold

Middle: Rose Petals, Clove, Neroli Blanc

Base: Ambrette Seed, Vetiver, Sandalwood


• 9oz / 255g

• 60+ hour burn time

• Artisanal ceramic vessel

• Coconut + soy wax blend

• Cotton Wick

• Clean fragrances

• Parabens and phthalates free

• Handmade in NYC